Wills / Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process whereby a person develops a plan and prepares documents to conserve, protect, and distribute estate assets before and after death for the benefit of loved ones and charities, taking into consideration the effect of state and federal tax and administrative laws and regulations. It can also involve planning for the use of your assets for your care if you become unable to manage your affairs during your lifetime.

A will is a written document which leaves the estate, or sum total of possessions of a deceased person, to named persons or entities (beneficiaries, legatees, divisees). This estate can be given as a whole or in percentages to whomever has a legal right to receive such property. Gifts may also be "bequethed", such as a particular piece of furniture, or a specific sum of money going to a certain person.

A will usually names an executor to be in charge of handling all of the paperwork and distribution of the property of the estate, following the wishes stated in the will. In addition to distribution of the estate, they may also manage the funeral and/or burial instructions, see to nominating guardians of minor children, and even provide for the care of beloved pets.

You have an estate if you have a car, some savings, own a home or have other goods such as a car. Planning for the future will affect the financial security of those you love. If you don't plan for what happens to your estate upon your death, the government will make those decisions for you.

You should have an estate plan if you care about who inherits your property, you care about your health treatment, or you are the parent of minor or disabled children.

I can help you in the preparation of:

  • Simple Wills for Non-Taxable Estates
  • Simple Trusts and Related Documents
  • Living Wills and Health Care Surrogates
  • Durable Powers of Attorney for Financial and Health Related Matters and Papers Regarding Do Not Resuscitate Orders, or "DNRs".

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