Family Law

I can help you with a variety of family-related legal issues including:

  • Grandparent's Rights
  • Adoption
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Protection Orders
  • Name Changes
  • Children's Protective Services (CPS) Cases
  • Spousal Support
  • Divorce
  • Paternity
  • Legal Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Modification of Child Support
  • Modification of Child Custody
  • Child Support Enforcement


Making decisions regarding marital issues and children can be very stressful. If stress is involved in the decision-making process, making your decision in an objective, practical manner will be difficult. Because divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, if can have a negative impact on decision making. I understand that, as your attorney, a critical part of my job is to help my clients make sound, informed decisions as they go through divorce and related family law issues.

I work hard to make sure I understand your goals in your divorce. Then, working with you, I can formulate an effective strategy to reach those goals. I try to help ease your transition into life after divorce. If you have children, this team approach enables me to help you protect your child from the stress of divorce while helping you shape a positive future for your family.

Child Custody

Child custody disputes are often huge sources of tension both during and after a divorce. No parent wants to lose his or her relationship with the children. Both parents worry about the short-term and long-term consequences of less time with the kids.

I understand your concerns and have gained valuable insight through representing parents in child custody and visitation cases. I will provide legal advice and skillful representation to help you with the initial determination of child custody and visitation arrangements, as well as any necessary modifications to those arrangements as situations change.

In Texas, the Courts can determine issues like where the child lives, whether one parent has the exclusive decision-making authority regarding the child or whether that right is shared, and what the possession schedule of the child should be. The Court determines these issues based on the Best Interest of the Child.

I will help you explore the many factors that can and should be considered as you and the other parent are making decisions regarding the child.

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